Best Of Boomer & Echo: 100th Post Edition

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been blogging here for 4 1/2 months.  Today we celebrate our 100th post on Boomer & Echo, which is quite an accomplishment for us, and we’re just getting started.  Here’s a look back at our most popular articles this year.

Boomer & Echo – In The Media

Back in October Larry MacDonald featured Echo in the Me & My Money series, and later in November Boomer was featured in Me & My Money as well.

At the end of September Echo wrote about Starting A Franchise, and Gordon Powers from EveryDayMoney featured that article on his blog.

In November Boomer wrote about a controversial subject with My Brand New Car, and Rob Carrick highlighted the article in his Personal Finance Reader.

Best Of Boomer & Echo

Boomer’s top 10 posts of 2010:

  1. My Brand New Car
  2. 10 Big Wastes Of Money
  3. Retiring Baby Boomers
  4. Asset Allocation
  5. Things I Wish I Had Learned Earlier
  6. Canada Savings Bonds
  7. Women And Finances
  8. Retirement Income
  9. What’s Happening To The Service Industry?
  10. Hobbies Are Expensive

Echo’s top 10 posts of 2010:

  1. The Cost Of Starting A Franchise
  2. Dividend Growth Investing
  3. How I Redeem My Air Miles Rewards
  4. iPhone 4 vs. BlackBerry Torch
  5. Auto Insurance: 10 Tips To Save Money
  6. Can You Afford Not To Stay At Home With Your Kids?
  7. Changing The Way We Think About Mortgages
  8. Use A Credit Card: Get Free Groceries
  9. Perfect Asset Allocation Doesn’t Exist
  10. Why I Cancelled My Landline

We hope you enjoy looking back at some of our top posts this year.  Thanks for reading, and remember you can subscribe to new posts for free using your favorite RSS reader.  And you can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and the new Digg.

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  1. Congrats you two! Right around now is where you should start to see two nice things from Google… they bring you more search traffic, that traffic converts to AdSense clicks.

    You’ve got something good going here, having the two writers right from the start will prevent burn out. Good luck with the next 100 posts!

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