Save Money Shopping Online: Great Canadian Rebates

Recently I’ve discovered Great Canadian Rebates, which is a one stop source that was made for Canadians to save money shopping online.  They offer cash back rebates and online coupons to hundreds of merchants who ship to Canada.

Great Canadian Rebates

I have to admit, I haven’t been too crazy about online shopping in the past.  I like going into a brick and mortar store to really know what I am purchasing, as well as to ask questions about the product.  Plus the shipping and handling charges can be outrageous, especially when coming from another country.

However, getting started with Great Canadian Rebates is easy.  You simply sign in and select a store from the list of merchants.  Next you will see a merchant profile that describes the cash back rebate percentage they are offering you, as well as any deals and coupons they are currently featuring.  From there you follow the link to continue shopping, and you will be taken directly to the merchants’ website.

  • Sign up for Great Canadian Rebates here – (link)

Great Canadian Rebates acts as a portal to these merchants and receives a commission when you make a purchase, which a portion of it is passed on to you.  Great Canadian Rebates will send out payments every two months via PayPal or cheque.

Your balance needs to be greater than $3 to be paid through PayPal, and over $20 to be paid out by cheque.

I have personally used Great Canadian Rebates to purchase new blinds for our house, and most recently a new laptop.  I received my first cheque of $39.78 earlier this year.

I am a big proponent of maximizing my rewards when spending money, so this is a good way to double-dip by using my credit card AND receiving a cash rebate back from the purchase.

Some examples of merchants and their cash rebates are:

Check out Great Canadian Rebates and save money shopping online.  All new sign-ups will receive a $2 credit just to get you started.  You can sign-up as a referral under Boomer and Echo by clicking the link below:

To sign up for Great Canadian Rebates click here

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  1. Thanks for the information. With the invention of internet, shopping has become a fun. And, cash back websites are like boons to the frugal online shoppers like me. Being a frugal buyer, I prefer to shop online, especially through cash back portals like Ebates, ShopAtHome and AAfter Search.

    • Hi Larry, thanks for stopping by. I love how powerful the internet can be when a site like Groupon can bring like minded people together to save money. What a great idea!

      I haven’t used Groupon before…I just wonder how likely it is, or how quickly they can get 10 people together who are looking for an item like Central Vac? I’ll have to check it out the next time I shop online.

  2. Thanks to online marketing, it makes shopping easier and accessible.. Coupons are readily available and you can do it at the comfort of your own home.. :)

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