Weekend Reading: Good Reads, Great Deals Edition

I’ve just finished reading an interesting book about Warren Buffett called, Tap Dancing to Work.  It’s a collection of Fortune Magazine articles about the Oracle of Omaha from 1966 to 2012.

I learned a lot about how Buffett got his start, working for the legendary Benjamin Graham’s partnership, before managing his own hedge fund in the 50’s.

There’s a few good articles about the relationship between Buffett and Bill Gates, and how Buffett plans to give 99% of his wealth to charity – mostly through the Gates Foundation.  It’s definitely worth a read.

Pound Foolish

Now I’m reading this year’s personal finance hit book, Pound Foolish, by Helaine Olen.  Pound Foolish exposes the dark side of the personal finance industry, as Olen explains how the billions of dollars we’ve spent trying to improve our finances over the years has done little to help our situation.

Olen goes on to disprove many of the myths we hear about saving and investing, such as how cutting out small indulgences like the ‘latte factor’ can make you rich, and how the financial literacy movement is a sham that’s funded and promoted by the financial services industry.

Look for a full review of this book soon.

Great Deals

I wanted to share a couple of great deals that are only available for a limited time.

One of the top investing newsletters, Canadian Wealth Advisor, is offering Boomer & Echo subscribers a one-year subscription for $39 .  That’s $80 off their regular price, and just $3.25 per issue!

This offer is available until February 28th.  Today also marks the release of Canadian Wealth Advisor’s 2013 stock of the year, so be sure to check it out.

Rate Supermarket has a promotion where you’ll get a free $100 gift card when you sign up for the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite, the Scotia Value Visa, or the Scotiabank Gold American Express.

You’ll also get entered for a chance to win $1,200 cash!  This offer expires February 28th.  Sign up here.

H&R Block Tax Code Giveaway

Tax season is right around the corner and the good folks at H&R Block have given us five free downloads for their online tax software that we’d like to give away.

The first five people to leave a comment telling us your favourite Boomer & Echo post will get a unique code to download H&R Block’s online tax software for free ($15.95 value).

Weekend Reading

Here are some more great personal finance articles for you to enjoy this weekend:

  1. The Money Puzzle reveals some money lessons learned in the lunch room
  2. Financial Crooks looks at budgeting for retirement
  3. Timeless Finance warns us about TD’s RESP limitations
  4. Young and Thrifty explains how to make a dividend income spreadsheet
  5. Canadian Finance Blog shares how to save money at the drug store
  6. Free From Broke lists 4 money attitudes that will lead to financial failure
  7. She Thinks I’m Cheap explains why you shouldn’t contribute to your RRSP
  8. The Blunt Bean Counter looks at the cost of owning a dog
  9. Big Cajun Man dissects the problem with some folks who are in debt
  10. Retire Happy Blog compares RRIFs and Annuities
  11. Excess Return explains how to choose an investment strategy
  12. Passive Income Earner screens the top 20 dividend stocks for January 2013

Have a great weekend everyone!

11 Responses to Weekend Reading: Good Reads, Great Deals Edition

  1. My favourite post is how I saved $300 on my cable bill. I always find my cable company changes things kn my plan with out telling me and cutomer loyalty means nothing. I spent almost two hours on the phone, but I got almost 80 a month knocked off my bill.

  2. I look back along your sidebar sometimes to see if I’ve missed something great. Recently, I read “Is a Costco Executive Membership Worth it?” For me, it’s not. I had been deliberating on whether or not to go for the upgrade but, after doing the math, it simply doesn’t work for me. Everyone needs to work this out for themselves, doing the calculations you did.

  3. My favorite post was: A Monthly Financial Planning Checklist. It lists all the items needed to plan the upcoming year and to see how you measure up with your situation. This should be a regular annual post. Thanks for many great articles.

  4. My favorite post is Top Cash Back Credit Cards in Canada. I have been using PC Mastercard for years and years….. Your post made me realize there are alternatives that can put some more money back into my pocket !

    Thanks for all the information you are putting out to help us.

  5. Thanks for the great responses everyone! I’ve got the 5 H&R Block tax code winners now (Joe, you’re disqualified for mentioning your own guest post. Read the fine print).

    I’m emailing the winners right now.

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