Weekend Reading: Plutus Award Edition

Last weekend, a few hundred personal finance bloggers got together in Denver for the 2nd annual Financial Bloggers Conference – FINCON.  Part of the conference includes an awards presentation called the Plutus Awards, which celebrates the best in personal finance.

We were nominated for the best Canadian personal finance blog this year, going up against some great sites like Financial Highway, Canadian Finance Blog and Young & Thrifty.  I was blown away to find out we won the Plutus Award this year!

Other notable blogs to win Plutus Awards this year include:

Weekend Reading

Here are some great personal finance articles for you to enjoy this weekend:

  1. She Thinks I’m Cheap sold half his Apple stock for a 93% gain
  2. How To Save Money looks at how to minimize your monthly cell phone bill
  3. Money Smarts Blog compares family RESP vs. individual RESP accounts
  4. Canadian Couch Potato shows you how ETFs are priced differently than mutual funds and stocks
  5. Excess Return explains dividend reinvestment plans and their benefits
  6. Free From Broke lists 7 reasons why you shouldn’t refinance your mortgage
  7. Canadian Finance Blog looks at saving money flying within the USA instead of from Canada
  8. Timeless Finance writes about eating well without spending too much money or time
  9. Financial Uproar shares the time he almost went to work for Investor’s Group
  10. Million Dollar Journey looks at when to pay back the Home Buyers Plan
  11. The Blunt Bean Counter rambles about Canadian Universities
  12. My University Money shares some tips to save money in college
  13. Financial Highway explains how to save money on electricity
  14. Retire Happy Blog looks at retirement as a single person
  15. My Own Advisor reviews The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets

Have a great weekend, everyone!

12 Responses to Weekend Reading: Plutus Award Edition

  1. Congratulations on the award.

    I came across your blog while doing research on retirement planning for myself. Of the numerous sites visited yours was the sole one that I subscribed to because of the breadth of issues covered and the quality of the content.

    And, I forwarded your site to my two sons with a recommendation that they subscribe to the blog. Their ages are 23 and 21. I felt that the information/recommendations in your blog would serve them well in making their financial plans.



  2. Thanks for linking to my article – much appreciated. You definitely deserve the award as you have consistently solid and informative content!

    That comment above from Michael is about as high praise as a blogger could ever expect to hear. I’d be beaming from ear to ear if I read something like that over on my site.

  3. Congratulations big guy! To be honest, we were honored to even be nominated in that category. We did have high hopes of taking home the young adult prize, but alas, there can be only one champion right? Keep up the award-winning work my friend!

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